my 80´s birthday should look like this too

posted: 02.04.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Party chicks

drunk girl half-naked crouchingI really don´t know if this photo was really taken on an 80 birthday of a life-lovin and still horny old guy, but it seems like this could be so. A half-naked and obviously drunk woman crouching (or maybe dancing, who knows?) on the ground just in front of a big “80″s anniversary sign while others legs can bee seen standing in the background. Watch this picture and decide if you want your 80´s birthday to be celebrated like this too!

drunk girl half-naked crouching

Girl, you really seem to party hard and you look like animating a lot, but i am afraid that it will not look so beautiful like on this picture when you dance naked on my 80´s birthday too. If you dance for younger guys like this too for just some drinks, gimme a call babe! ;-)