Perfect partner puking

posted: 06.04.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Party chicks, Puking girls

It is always really not easy for drunk people to offer the perfect motive for a puking picture, but here we can see two drunk partygirls which perform a perfect choreografie of syncron-puking. Amazing, the girls must have trained hard for this event! Luckily there was a all-time-ready photografer who took this outstanding and unique picture of this two drunk female puking artists!

perfect partner puking

Maybe they could improve their performance to ultimate perfection with choosing a unitary dress next time and eating and drinking just the same stuff. The girl on the right has certainly sprinkles of vomit on her feet and between her toes, so maybe she should wear cowgirl-boots too when trying this on the next party – babes, i will be there to watch it and give you my professional opinion about your pickup!