Realdrunkengirls review

posted: 27.03.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Paysites reviews, Used drunk girls

realdrunkengirlsIf you want so see real drunken girls getting used and fucked by one or more horny and unscrupulous guys then this site got the movies you need to watch! Dozends of partly real good looking females and some real dumb sluts gets filled with alcohol till they don´t know what they are doing in front of the camera and the chaps take advantage of the drunk bitches to shoot real nasty and dirty hardcore porn movies with them!

Of course this women gave their consent and knewed what would happen with them, but i believe some of them would do never do it again or even like to watch the video to see what was really going on and what they did when they were such drunk and surrounded by hard cocks! ;-) In a “normal” hardcore porn movie it would be a fail, sometimes even a funny one if the female actress is too drunk to fuck – here it is the wanted scenario! And the plan works! Mostly of the movies show everything from the beginning to the ultimate end, while they drink with the boys and when they are drunk enough to get laid and used, and i swear, most of  them are totally loaded, some are such wasted that they get sick and puke while or even before they have the first dick in their mouths! Real drunk sluts getting fucked hard and shameless - no use to waste more words! 

realdrunkengirls movie capture

In the memberarea there are hundreds of gigabytes moviecontent + picture sets of every single movie. All videos are downloadable for full members. The newer ones are in better Quality than some older videos and each one is available in different filesizes up to full Quality HDTV. All of the girls are real drunk, no way to slip about that and all get fucked and filmed till they have cum in their shitface or all over their stunned bodies!

It seems like there have been no new uploads for over 2 years now but the mass of unique movies and pictures warranting a one time membership to REALDRUNKENGIRLS  just to collect all these nasty stuff. By the way, there is bonus access to other sites like dirty smokers, new porn talents, mature lessons, ideal boobs, nubileones and some more.