Sexy drunk Clea with the hot body

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WD-Girls CleaA movie introduction from WD-Girls of the sexy beautiful brunette girl named Clea. This wonderful body is worth watching every shake of her hips and every movement of her juicy ass! And with every gulp of alcohol, clea moves more – in between she urgently have too remove some incredients of her stomach to the bowl, but she doesn´t stop showing us how sexy she can be. A really hot girl getting really drunk in front of the camera of our friendly and diligent drunk girls filmer and raiser of really hot drinking models.

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 The czech brunette beauty started her drinking session outdoor on a cold and snowy winter day in prague with a bottle of Baileys to celebrate her passed examen. She nearly drank the whole bottle while absolving a little sightseeing tour, so she already had to puke for the first time bevor her arrival to the apartment. There are also nice pissing scenes catched on film outdoor. After she emptied the whole bottle of Baileys, she entered the stairs to the apartment not without problems and very soon felt sick again ;) After feeling better she pulled her clothes of and a amazing sexy young body appeared on the screen! Already really drunk she opended a bottle of vodka, continued drinking some vodka-redbull mix and started dancing around to show her beautiful figure, skin and her nice tatooed back. Licking her lips, spitting and moving her ass seems to be her favorite thing when she is drunk. And she was really drunk, so drunk that she peed standing up on the table, which was filmed from below and close. After some time of giving a drinking and tipsy dancing show she needed to thow up again and staggered to the toilet, these action of drinking, beeing sexy and puke coursed a couple of times more until she completely passed out on the bed in her underwear! About 40 minutes high-definition movie and a whole lot more of insane drunk girls videos can be downloaded at!