Wild and drunk girls review

posted: 22.03.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Paysites reviews

wd-girls screenThis site is really the greatest site at this time for all those who really like to watch young and sexy amateur girls drinking, getting drunk, peeing, burping, partying outdoor and indoor, playing sexy games with each other, puking, dancing around naked and getting really wasted and shitfaced, and all that completely without any usual pornographic storyline or even one disturbing fucking dick in your sight! You`re alone with these girls and enjoy your time and their drunkeness.

Founded only in march 2011 this project has already over 150 (update:) 300 Gigabytes of completely new and exclusive self produced movies with sexy drunk girls to offer, downloadable in 1280×720 HD MP4 and also in 720×576 wmv for faster downloads or smaller computers. The special about the WD Girls project is the fact that all videos are filmed in a documentary way, there is no storybook and no regisseur who tells the girls what they have to do, all they have to do is clear from the beginning – drinking as much as possible and make all the thinks drunk girls do. The result is a reality video with no cuts and fakes. Every day a new party of a whole movie project is uploaded so that there are between 3 and 5 complete new movies with 40-60minutes lenght ervery month.

wd-girls video screenshot


 The video content:
The idea of this project is to satisfy those who love to see the real behaviors of drunk chicks and all more ore less inevitable effects like stumbling,staggering,slurring speech,getting horny,getting sick or even pass out without doing a porn movie which´s main view is focused on the sexual action.
This doesn´t mean there is no sexual interaction – sometimes it is, especially when two or more hot girls are involved an get in touch when they get looser and nasty or just one single girl begins playing with herself and interacting with the camera. One very positive thing is that the cameraman stays passive and quite mostly all the time and so effects the real feeling of beeing right there and not watching a amateur movie with dumb chicks wich do what a guy behind the camera says.

So every movie project with different girls goes off completely individual and every new video has its own surprises and progressions with one commoness: Realy drunk Chicks on Video! Outdoor or/and indoor in an apartment in prague with sexy czech girls which speak sometimes english very well, but also sometimes very slurring ;-)  Without beeing classical porn movies, this videos offer nice views for special fetish interests like nylon, legs and footfetish, smoking, upskirts views and loose control about their clothes and intimate views the girls offer, especially outdoor peeing and also burping and puking are in nearly every movie unavoidable and detailed documented on film without exception. And there really are nasty pee scenes too when the girls loose control! But also for fans of kissing girls and lesbian sex-games or masturbating chicks are many nice views to catch! :-)

diana eva drunk kissingFor example: This nice screenhot shows Diana and Eva heavy drunk and completely naked kissing each other in the kitchen and Diana is spitting her drink in Eva´s mouth. A small moment later eva urgently had to puke and did it on her way to the toilet. But that did not reduce her mood to party and to go on kissing and touching her friend Diana, which was very wild and horny too, Diana especially did some very nasty piss actions, it seems she really loves it to get this way out of control!

The Memberarea:
Very easy and comfortable to navigate, you get the daily updates first and all the produced videos in a by upload date ordered list. Each part of a complete movie is available for download in two different sizes, High Definition (250-500 MB) and Medium size (30-90MB). There is also the possibility to filter for special tags like peeing,vomit,masturbate and others more. You can also search for all videos with a selected girl, which is great because some very entertaining girls have shown up for a new project again. And I promise: there are some hot chicks you will really love to see more and again in several movies! In fact of this project is a single man organized reality production, unfortunately there are no extra high-res photos taken while the projects but only uncut high quality video documentation of drinking and heavy drunk and wasted sexy young ladies! There are no external bonus  contents or including accesses to other sites but time to time selfmade bonus clips by the producer wich show real street recordings of drunk girls at festivals and in the streets of prague.
The Membership is monthly recurring if not canceled and trustable billed via CCBill, so there are no expectable problems to sign up or cancel your membership.
Visit and sign up for WD-GIRLS to get access and download all those great drunk girls movies right now!