Blonde Double-D Sexbomb in Heavy Drinking Contest

posted: 26.04.2013 by Squiffy, listed in: Movie introductions, Peeing chicks, Puking girls

Drunk double-D sexbomb

Introducing another MUST HAVE movie project from “Wild & Drunk Girls“ starring this gorgeous blonde sexbomb named Andrea! Her perfect big natural boobs will obsess you in your dreams once you saw them in moving pictures, this 19(!) years young busty dream of many man is a real blonde BBW! And (surprise) she get´s totally drunk, wild and wasted together with her much thinner brunette girlfriend Lenka while spending an two girls party-evening with a straight drinking contest which ends in a totally passedout hangover for both girls after excessive drinking, pissing and puking action! Just watch the pics for some impression: 

In this amazing 1 hour HD video you will enjoy watching the girls from sober to completely drunkeness with a lot of very entertaining and exciting action like pillow fighting, fooling and burping around, Lenka riding on Andrea like a horse or nice and sexy views of their sexy bodies in nylons, sexy drunk smoking and, of course, nasty pissing scenes and a lot of cleavage, until the clothes dissapear! :-) Just watch Andrea acting like a dog for a shot of vodka and think of  taking this drunk busty sexbomb doggystyle right at that moment!  Of course, just because of her body mass, Lenka got wasted first and puked on the floor, but this amazing blonde amazone did not stop drinking more shots at once until she got totally wasted as well.

Download this movie right here! (54min. 1280x720p. 2,75GB)

And if this would not be enough, there is another movie with this awesome busty blonde czech teengirl, and i think and hope we can be looking forward for more!

Andrea Laura