Horny Drunken Aunty Seduced Her Nephew

posted: 28.05.2013 by Squiffy, listed in: Photo galleries, Used drunk girls

drunken aunt

Yes, she is older – a real mature blondy who well knows how still to dress up sexy! And she did not get her cunt stuffed for a long time! Today her 19 year old nephew comes around to visit her and she decided to grab her chance for a strong young peace of meat, because she noticed his horny looks at her cleavage and under her skirt many times before. She took her most sexy dress and drank one or two big shots just to boltser up herself - but, yes! She likes to drink! You will never meet her afternoon without a breath of alcohol. And so she was already quite tipsy when he arrived, which did not mess up the plan – quite the converse! Enjoy the pics:

I bet he really had a great time with his sexy dressed and horny drunken aunty!

Honestly, i would fuck and cum on her too if she is dressed up like Marilyn Monroe (and if she´s drunk enough, of course!) ;-)