Diana and Nyia getting drunk, wild and bi

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WD-Girls Diana+NyiaThis is a movie introduction of WD-Girls Diana and Nyia which came together for a filmed drinking project that resulted in an amazing high-definition video documentation with over 110 minutes of two real drunk bi-girls who did not knew each other before but both yielded really fantastic performances in different previous wild drinking girls movie projects. A great conclusion to invite these both young blonde bitches for a common movie, especially with the knowloedge that both are drinking without restraint and both have a liability to homosexual desires!

Download the complete promo video of Diana and Nyia here:
Free video download (64,9 MB)

The movie startet with a long car ride to meet Nyia all the while Diana was drinking a whole bottle of sparkling wine. Some nice outdoor pissing scenes inclusive because the lot of drinking during the long way. So Diana was already tipsy and in a great mood when she met Nyia for a ultimative drinking girls evening. The first half of this video was taken outdoor while the girls emptied another bottle of bubbly and opened a big bottle of absolut vodka.
These young blonde bitches know how to tease, they are spitting around, smoking sexy, peeing several times in partly very sexy ways and fooling around like young jolly bitches do, until the moment when they revealed to each other that they are bi! From this moment you can watch Nyia getting really horny and her intention to have lesbian sex with Diana, more with every gulp of alcohol- and Diana wasn´t aversed to it, but she is a real drinking animator, so you will get to see a heavy loaded naked Nyia in lesbian sex with drunk Diana later in the apartement, where they both performed a real puke fest first. After a big shot of vodka both startet puking simultaniously just where they are! Nyia puked half over the table and on the floor and Diana could not hold it too! Nearly not to believe but the completely drunk girls continued drinking more and more and got really wild and wicked, they pissed on the carpet and starting a totally wasted lesbian orgy until Nyia had to abandon the field finally and Diana was still drinking and trying to get her back for more, but she was completely wasted, passed out and throwing up all the time! This movie and a whole lot more of insane reality drunk fetish videos can be downloaded at WD-Girls.com!

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