Helens amazing drunk videos (Megapost)

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Helen´s heavy drunk videosHelen is a young sexy czech beauty with very particular exciting boobs and puffy nipples who likes heavy metal music and gets real wild and horny after some glasses of vodka, wich is clearly her favorite drink. There are already 5 movies with this 19 years young hussy from which every single one will turn you really on, and a further one is announced to come up before the year is out! If your dick gets hard from drunk sexy chippies, this is one you might should not miss to collect her high definition recorded fuddled sessions!

If you like to make girls drunk to get them really loose and excessive, this young slut will show you how wild and obsessive a girl can get under the influence of strong alcohol! Just have a look at these few screenshots:

After some first drinks she already seemed to get quite horny (this was not even the half of how horny she got later) and started dancing around in her tights and short skirt to the music of her favorite Metallica disc, “Master of Puppets” :-) A lot of great upskirt views and sexy faces wich can not let  any healthy man keeping his eyes on anything else when such a tipsy beauty dances just to get full attention! Some more big gulps of vodka directly from the bottle and she turned completely wild and the chance rises to leave this flat totally desolated after this one-girl-party. She undressed more and more and started rubbing her clit to the heavy metal music, how can a man stay cool and continue just recording when such a easy whore lays naked in front of you and obviously wants to get her wet cunt stuffed right now! (He did not stay completely cool, but cool enough to keep the camera recording) Her cute and sexy faces turned more and more to real sexy shitfaced traits right into the camera with sexy cigarette smoking, lot of spitting (she seems to like some kind of “spitting sex” when she is drunk) and masturbating naked on the floor. Not one single “normal” pee scene was recorded, instead she tried pissing while standing spreaded legs above the loo and of course wetted the whole bathroom floor with piss, and other kinds of “unusual peeing” as like as fingering her pussy while peeing over her hands, for example. Standing or walking straight was no more possible for her at all. Permanent masturbating with real multiple orgasms, even sticking her finger into her anus and a spectacular final scene when she sat down brainless drunk with her naked ass on the glasstable and peed right on that table, stood up confused but kept on pissing down her legs and just plumped herself forwards on the couch, still peeing while laying on the couch and passing out drunk like shit.

pissing on stairway
In another video you can see Helen staggering through the streets, actually taking a public pee-break, drunk enough not to care about everyone watching her!

wasted vodka
Too crocked to hold the bottle but licking wasted vodka from the couch. Good girl!

 drunken wild mixture
Question: What do you think this drunken wild mixed drink will cause to happen?

vomit on the carpet
If your answer is: Vomit all over the carpet on the way to the bowl, you´re right!

All this words and pictures cannot properly describe the entertainment and sexiness you miss by not watching this in moving pictures with sound! Her very first video was already a highlight and there are four more, one of them together with Nyia, a favorite girl too for the fans of drunk chicks movies! And a new one with both this wild drinking chicks is coming up in the next weeks!

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Not convinced yet? Just have a short look at Helen´s outdoor drinking date and following heavy drunk lesbian experiences with blonde bi-girl Nyia who drinks without limits and gets really horny for girls when she`s drunk! These girls are 

An excessive girl-girl party including awesome drunk lesbian moments and everything that really happend like smoking, peeing, puking and passing out.
Special thanks and compliments to WD-GIRLS for this great stuff! Cheers!