Eve´s pass out party on HD Video

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eves pass out party

If you love to watch totally drunk girls, this fantastic video documentation of a inconceivable cute blonde beauty with really nice natural breasts getting completely plastered will become one of your most favorite drunken girls movies at all! Living to see such a dead drunk and naked handsome 21 year young woman will happen just once in a lifetime, if ever at all. With this movie you can watch it in High-Definition every time you like!

The movie starts with two pretty czech student girls strolling through the streets and parks of prague, each armed with a bottle of strong and pure vodka which they drank from continuisly and quickly turned befuddled. It´s already quite stimulative to watch these humorous maids on their trip with public pee breaks and funny upfront close-up views, but this is just the beginning of a total free fall in a state of complete hammered mess!

Linda (the brunette student girl) already was obviously heavy loaded after a short time so that she even needed help to get in and keep standing straight, so they tottered to the apartment including more funny helpless scenes of Linda in the elevator. She was already out of order and passed out on the bed while Eve (the blonde cutie) seemed to stand much more alcohol than Linda, but everyone reaches his limits soon or later, Eve worked on overshoot her limits by far with emptying the rest of her bottle in one gulp!

This heavy drinking action did not miss effects, Eve startet pulling off all her clothes, because she felt warmness coming over her body and horniness startet shining out of her eyes! After some sexy naked dancing, which would cause no man keep his hands off her, the big shot of vodka came over her like a hammer and she turned into a helpless drunk naked body staggering around even in a horizontal position! She threw up on the ground, on the couch and puked a big load over her nice tits and her whole body! What a mess, and even not the end. Totally passed out pissing scenes while laying in the shower and more spewing followed and a plenty of close-up views of a beautiful blind drunk and completely shitfaced nude 21 old blonde angel laying on the ground in her own vomit! Congratuliations Eve, you reached your limits and no one will disbelieve!

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