The party is over – for her!

posted: 20.06.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Party chicks, Passedout girls

This drunk and drugged beautiful woman dressed for a serious celebration laying passedout on the ground with her naked boobs falling out of her cleavage, it seems this party is over for her until somebody takes her home (preferential for a further episode in private and non-public location)

passedout drunk and drugged bitch

By the way this is a great commercial promotion for the imaged “22 Old English” rum when it was responsible for knocking this bitch out of her high heels! I will buy it if she is included! ;-)  

I don´t know if this is a real taken photo from a event or a intentionally performed artwork, because all the things that might have been fallen out of her bag are so apperently spread out that it also could be a anti-drug campaign – but if this picture was taken real then it was a duty to shoot it and load it up on the web! Thanx for that great impression – surely the best photo from this party! Cheeers!