Still it´s summer and we love it!

posted: 24.08.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Party chicks

Sunny sky, loud music and wet games, hot and sweaty bodies with less clothes than alcohol in their blood – let there be summer and it should never and, just as nights like this where this very nice and sexy photo was taken:

wet naked flashing

I think this topless beauty has not to search for somebody to fall in his arms and stick her tongue in his mouth because nearly every boy would like to be just right in front of her to feel her warm and wet well tanned skin of her nice small boobs and taste the fresh tequila from her belly button up to her tongue piercing. Likely with good chances to get more in touch with her drunk abilities in using her piercing for some special french kiss action later, when this song is over!  I would spend her a drink, damn, who would not?!