How NOT to pee when you can´t stand anymore…!

posted: 27.09.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Peeing chicks

Is it really so complicated to do it as we recommended just a few posts before how to pee when you are too drunk to squad down properly anymore or was our explanation mistakable? ;-)

too drunk to pee

Okay, maybe we have to rarefy our helpful explanation so that even fully loaded chicks are able to use this technique properly and not sit or fall down in their own piss puddle!

1. When you located a stable subject to lean against, first stand backwards with your ass against it.

2. Pull down your trousers and your panties, if you don´t wear panties under a short skirt you can leave this point out! :-)

3. Now just move your feets just a SMALL step forward, but keep your ASS AGAINST THE SUBJECT (This is the trick, babes! ) and lean slightly forward (If you provide a exciting cleavage, this is the moment the boys should record with their smartphone cam!)!

4. Now let it flow! When you´re ready, do everything reverse or just let yourself fall frontwards and summon a well-pleased boy which will help you and your naked ass up and carry you home!

If this all don´t works, you´re even to drunk to get fucked, so it don´t matters if you pee yourself! Keep practicing! (Or maybe practice some times before when you´re not totally drunk yet) :-)