Sexy Sarah drinks vodka till she pukes

posted: 19.06.2012 by Squiffy, listed in: Movie introductions, Peeing chicks, Puking girls

sarah drinking vodka

Sarah is a really hot looking young woman that loves to drink pure vodka straight from the bottle! Maybe this movie looks like nearly the same as the one with sexy clea, but this worth every minute of video just for her very sexy face and the amazing body this girl got! And not to forget her rare and very slutty style of using her fingers and also nearly the hole hand down her throat to throw up the alcohol. It seems this girl well knows how to deepthroat and gag, maybe she practices this way of deflating the too much toxicating drinks out of her stomach with her boyfriend at home every weekend and i could swear he loves it, too! What a real slutty sex-goddess! This complete HD movie can be downloaded at

The movie starts in the apartment where sarah makes herself up and dresses herself in sexy underwear and puts on her sexy nylon stockings. Nice closeup views of her painting her lips with shining lipgloss included. Also she already starts drinking a small “to go” bottle of Absolute Vodka. Then follows some outdoor action in public, she walks to the station and keeps on drinking from the bottle, smoking lips closeups and of course some candid pee-breaks in public followed soon, one of them right behind a garbage container with also hot closeup view of her peeing pussy. After she emptied her complete bottle of vodka (a small one of course, otherwise she would not go anywhere more!) she went back to the apartment, already visible tipsy and slightly staggering on a bright but cold day in the early afternoon. No wonder that some people stared at this sexy tipsy girl walking down the street. Arrived back in the apartment she removes her clothes to the sexy underwear and opened a second bottle with the same content – straight pure clear vodka – and continues drinking till she feels sick. Everything what follows after this is puking in a very slutty deepthroat reminding way with heavy burps in between, staggering around and drinking more, some dancing and singing and everything again in rotation till her amazing body fells asleep on the bed - and gets touched by the cameraman - no one who has seen this hot drunk body would condemn this! :-)